Linda Newlin

Growing Up WholeTM                                         

- ​​Linda

Dear Parents:

 My guide books for children and teens are designed so they have a unique experience for themselves as they draw, read, write, reflect and explore
all the ways they can stay connected to their wholeness. I have used metaphors of earth, tree, and leaves to help them facilitate that journey.

The psychological and scientific foundations of this book come from: Eco-psychology, Neuroscience, Environmental Stewardship, Somatics and Resilience, Meditation and Mindfulness, Positive Psychology, Non-Violent Communication and Hoffman Quadrinity Process.

Included are many fun activities: art, drawing, visioning, reading, poetry, songs and more. Each is designed to affirm their unique gifts, help them honor their bodies, heart and mind so they can find balance, stay connected to their heart and expand their resilience as they journey through life.

By reading and completing the exercises, they will also learn valuable life skills that will nourish them throughout their journey: validation, forgiveness, compassion, gratitude, health, naming and accepting feelings and sensations, releasing feelings, boundary setting, visioning, honoring their wholeness and the wholeness of others. The gift of remembering who they are awaits them as they learn to ground in the strength of their uniqueness, follow their inner guidance, and reach their strong branches out to the places they want to grow into so they become all that they dream of and shine their unique light in the world!

My hope is that all children will grow to BE who they were meant to BE. As Mark Twain put is so eloquently, “The two most important days
are the day you were born and the day you find out why.”  I’m envisioning a world where every child knows why they came to the earth and shares their unique contribution right from the start.  Thank you  for supporting their journey!