Linda Newlin

Growing Up WholeTM                                         

A Radical Gift and Resolution for the Season of Light

As the Season of Light is upon us and the new year approaches, I’m keenly aware that many people are entering into the ancient ritual of thinking about, writing, preparing for their New Year’s Resolutions.  Even before we get through the holiday season and open gifts, people are starting to gear up for this annual event. The stressed and impatient are vowing to work on this short coming and find balance next year. And those who want to lose weight are “letting themselves splurge through the holidays prepping for the barren land that awaits them January 1st. 


Is this the kind of gift you want to be giving yourself? What is it costing you to be focusing on what needs to be improved every year at this time?  What would be possible if you gave yourself a radical gift and made a different kind of resolution: To focus on what is right with yourself and your life instead of what you need to change?  What would this season FEEL like if you validated what you’ve done well?  

Validation is a gift that grounds you in the strength of who you are and nourishes your wholeness.   

This is the SEASON OF LIGHT and I want to explore and challenge you to gift your self differently this year.  Instead of focusing on what needs to change…focus on what is good and wonderful about who you are and what your unique gifts are.  What can you say to yourself in the coming days/weeks/year that would feed your inner light and wholeness? What have you longed to hear each day as you struggle to keep that bright light within burning strong and steady?  This is a gift you can give to your self each and every day if you choose. When we fill our cups with self-loving validation and celebration of our unique gifts, qualities, and strengths, we bring health, well-being, and passion to our body’s and peace to our mind’s. 

I invite you to enter into this radical gift giving experiment and try this new kind of resolution!  See what happens when you focus on your wholeness and give self-loving validation to your self and to others in the coming days/weeks/year.

Maybe we can revolutionize gift giving and resolutions to truly create a season of light that lasts for more than just one night.