Linda Newlin

Growing Up WholeTM                                         

What does it mean 2 B Whole?

Wholeness is being grounded in the knowing of who you are, what your unique gifts/talent are and taking care of your precious body suit that carries your spirit through this lifetime.  It's about honoring your own truth and experiences.  

When we are whole, we are sustained by our life's activities, our work, our selves and our connection to the earth and the people in our world. There is an inner peace and vitality that comes from within when we are balanced and clear about why we are here on this planet and what gifts you have to offer in this lifetime.  Some call this purpose.

We bring wholeness to ourselves through self loving practices that include:  validation, emotional release, forgiveness, compassion, resilience, healthy choices, setting healthy boundaries, finding our passions, following our heart's and trusting ourselves as we journey through the many chapters of our lives.

It is my hope that you will nourish your wholeness and experience the sustaining impact within you.